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AJLH 59:2 (and Ten Most Cited Articles)

Volume 59:2 (June 2019) of the American Journal of Legal History is now online.  Here’s the TOC:

Africa Needs Many Lawyers Trained for the Need of their Peoples’: Struggles over Legal Education in Kwame Nkrumah’s Ghana
John Harrington; Ambreena Manji

“Full Justice May Be Done Them”: The Case of Bill, Charles, Jupiter, Randolph, et al. v. William A. Carr in a Florida Freedmen’s Bureau Court
Zachary Newkirk

Fraud and Dishonesty in King’s Bench and Star Chamber
Henry Mares

Justice under Administration: An Overview of Judiciary and Courts in Spain, 1834–1870
Julia Solla

Re-tying the Knot? Remarriage and Divorce by Consent in mid-Victorian England
Penelope Russell

Book Reviews

Xavier Prévost, Jacques Cujas (1522-1590). Jurisconsulte humaniste
Xavier Godin

Martti Koskenniemi, Walter Rech, and Manuel Jiménez Fonseca (eds.), International Law and Empire: Historical Explorations
Alberto Rinaldi

Johannes Liebrecht, Die junge Rechtsgeschichte: Kategorienwandel in der rechtshistorischen Germanistik der Zwischenkriegszeit
Kjell Å Modéer

Carlos Petit, Historia del derecho mercantil
Luisa Brunori; Olivier Descamps

Incidentally, the AJLH has made its "10 most highly cited papers from 2016 and 2017" available free online for a limited time.  They include the review essay Federalism Anew, by Sara Mayeux and LHB Blogger Karen Tani.

--Dan Ernst

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