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INHIDE: Legal History in Argentina

We have news of the Instituto de Investigaciones de Historia del Derecho, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Founded in 1973, the Instituto is, deputy director Viviana Kluger tells us, “is the most important institution regarding legal history research in Argentina.”  It publishes Revista de Historia del Derecho, “a bi-annual journal indexed in international platforms,” and has a weekly seminar, conducted over Zoom and open to interested scholars.  It’s first session is tomorrowDra. Ana Brisa Oropeza Chávez, Universidad de Anahuac-México, will present Los programas de Historia del Derecho en la enseñanza universitaria de México.

The complete schedule is here.  Notices of upcoming sessions are as follows: October 13, October 20, October 29, November 3, November 12, November 19,and  November 26.

Update: The Instituto records and posts all sessions of its seminar on YouTube.  You can also find the Instituto on Facebook, Instagram (inhide_oficial) and Twitter (@INHIDE_oficial).

--Dan Ernst

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