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law&history 7:1

[Here, belatedly, is the TOC for law&history 7:1 (2020).  law&history is an online publication of the Australian and New Zealand Law and History Society.  DRE]

Volume 7, Issue 1 (2020) of law&history, the Society journal, is now available online through institutional databases such as Informit.

It comprises some fascinating legal and historical scholarship. Check out the contents below:

Philip Girard, The contrasting fates of French Canadian and indigenous constitutionalism: British North America, 1760-1867

Bevan Marten, Confronting British bullies: Shipping law reform in Australia and New Zealand, 1888-1907

Tim Soriano, ‘The peculiar circumstances of that settlement’: Burnaby’s code and Royal Naval rule in British Honduras

Tim Calabria, The bungalow and the transformation of the ‘half-caste’ category in central Australia: Race and law at the limits of a settler colony, 1914-1937

Anne Maree payne, ‘To the exclusion of the rights of the mother’: Legal barriers to Aboriginal mothering in the stolen generations era

Emma Bellino, Married women’s nationality and the white Australia policy, 1920-1948

Reflective Essay

Greg Marks, Aboriginal land rights and the Hermannsburg controversy: Implications for self-determination


Professor Colin Tatz AO (1934-2019) (Christopher Brien)

Book Reviews

Gender violence in Australia: Historical perspectives (Yves Rees)

Habeas corpus in wartime: From the tower of London to Guantanamo Bay (David Clark)

The lost boys of Mr Dickens: How the British empire turned artful dodgers into child killers (Matthew Allen)

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